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Simply put, this is a quality soccer referee jersey at a great price. I referee a lot of matches, including top-tier club teams and marathon tournaments, so my gear can take a beating and needs to stand up to the test. I’m sorry to say that, in my professional opinion, only a sucker would buy all the over-priced and ill-fitting "approved" Official Sports referee uniform kit when there are so many better options at half the price, such as these jerseys from Kwik Goal. Official Sports clearly must pay off the federations to promote their over-priced inferior products as the approved kit, with their uncomfortable jerseys and shorts that are only fit for a short-shorts contest at a gay pride parade. The Kwik Goal Premier jerseys are infinitely more comfortable and wick moisture far better than the Official Sports jerseys, particularly in hot, humid climates and conditions. Better gear at half the price, so what’s not to like?
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My husband says they are the most comfortable dress/ casual shoes he has. He lives them
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